Valoris held a workshop on Saturday, May 25, as part of its social acceptability initiative related to its Bury landfill site expansion project. Once again, more than thirty citizens gathered in East Angus to hear about infrastructures, leachate water treatment and landscape integration.


Experts from Tetra Tech and EXP have successively explained the regulatory framework in which Valoris operates and how the expansion will influence operations. Participants were treated to an interesting outreach session on the design of future landfill cells and leachate water treatment in a context of climate change. The morning concluded with the visual aspect of the project, which will have little impact within the regulatory radius of one kilometre. A 3D presentation had also been prepared to put into perspective the visual evolution of the enlargement project over time.


“We again gathered a lot of information from those present. The discourse evolves as the meetings progress. Participants are gaining a better understanding of Valoris’ mission and how the expansion project could improve our operations and meet the region’s future needs in the disposal of our waste. There are always concerns and that is normal. We will continue to demonstrate our seriousness and rigour in our efforts to win the trust of citizens,” said Denis Gélinas, Acting Director General of Valoris, at the end of the meeting.


Steve Lussier, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Valoris and Mayor of Sherbrooke, was on hand. He was accompanied by Robert Roy, Vice-President of Valoris and Prefect of the Haut-Saint-François MRC. Karine Godbout, a city councillor in Sherbrooke in the Ascot district and a member of the Valoris board of directors, also participated in the workshop.


Later this week, people who were not present and would like to speak about the workshop will be able to view the presentation blocks and complete an online document and return it via the web. People will find the procedure for this exercise on the Facebook page and the site dedicated to the expansion ( in the “documents” and “news” sections from Friday May 31.

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